Dr. Jayasshree S. Todkkar (M.B.B.S., M.S., DLS(India), DLS (France), FAIS, FALS, FIAGES) is Asia’s first lady and Leading Bariatric Surgeon!




General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

Director - JT Obesity Solutions & JT Foundation



♦  The 1st ever fellowship course in obesity & metabolism in India is started by her.

♦  The Government of Maharashtra invited her for formation of Obesity Task force.

♦  Her dream is to create a healthy world free of Diabesity the Largest killer disease of 21st  Century.

♦  Some very complex & difficult operations are made easy & feasible by the techniques she has innovated.

♦   First Indian surgeon who received Dr. Vivan Fonseca Caller Award from the American Diabetes Association.

♦  In collaboration with Rotary club "Childhood Obesity Campaign" has reached to more than  7000 schools in Pune.

♦  She Entered in Limca Book of World Record in 2005 for '45 Hernia operations in 10 hrs' & the Record is still unbroken.

♦  Over 25 years in surgical practice she has operated on more than 50000 patients and nearly 6000 patients of Bariatric Surgery.

♦  We Are proud that Dr. Jayasshree S. Todkkar & her Team are the 1st Surgical team to receive award from American Diabetic Association.

♦  1st Indian Recipient of multiple international awards from American society of Bariatric Surgery & International federation of surgery for Obesity.

♦  Apart from high academic achievement she is also very active in the clinical research and has multiple publication in the International Index Journal.

♦  She has received the Prestigious Vivian FOENCSA Award for innovation in surgical treatment of Type II Diabetes from the American diabetic Society in 2016.

♦  JT foundation has conducted more than 500 public health awareness programmes and doctor’s education seminar  through the various places in Maharashtra & India. 

♦  MBBS & MS from Pune University BJ medical college and pursue her super specialization in the field of laparoscopy & bariatric Surgery from University of Strasbourg, France, Cleveland Clinic USA, Gastro Obeso Centre, Brazil & University of Genoa, Italy.




Director - JTOS & JT Foundation. 

Department of Bariatric & Metabolic Unit      -   Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai.

                                                                                        -   Apollo Spectra Hospital, Sadashiv Peth, Pune.

                                                                                        -   Sahyadri Superspeciality Hospital, Deccan, Pune.




OSSI: Obesity Surgery Society of India: Past Secretary.

ASI: Member of International Affairs Committee 2017.

ASI: Women’s Wing: Founder Secretary and Convener.

ASI: Association of Surgeons of India - Ex Governing Council Member.

IFSO:  Organizing Secretary for the Biannual congress of IFSO Asia Pacific chapter in 2017.

IAGES: Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo Surgery - Ex National Executive Committee Member.

AIAARO: Maharashtra Chapter: All India Association For Advancing Research In Obesity - Founder President.

IASGO: India & Asia Pacific Chapter: International Association of Surgical Gastroenterology & Oncology: Past secretary.

International Committee Memberships:

APHS:  Asia Pacific Hernia Society.

SLS: Society of Laparo Endoscopic Surgeons of USA.

ELSA: Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia.

IFSO: International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity.

ASMBS: American society of metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

IHPBA:  International Hepato-pancreaticobiliary Association.

APBSS: Asia Pacific Bariatric Surgeons Society, as Founder member.

SAGES: Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons.

National Committee Memberships:

IMA: Indian Medical Association.

PSS: Poona Surgical Society, India.

IHPBA - India: Indian Association of Hepato - Pancreaticobiliary Surgeons.

AMIS - Pune: Association of Minimal Invasive Surgery, Pune, as Founder Secretary and Trustee.

Reviewer for International Journals:

Under ASMBS – SOARD (Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases).

Under IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders) – Obesity Surgery.


“Dr. Jayasshree S. Todkkar is not only a busy clinician & a skilled surgeon but also has a high academic & scientific standing. Her contribution to the field of Laparoscopic, Bariatric & Diabetic Surgery has got world wide recognition”


♦   Study evaluating the safety and Efficacy of SPD476 verses placebo over 104 weeks in the prevention of Recurrence of Diverticulitis as an investigator.

♦  Study comparing the efficacy and safety AVE5026 with enoxaparin of the prevention of venous thromboembolism in patients with major abdominal surgery - as an investigator.

♦   Study to evaluate the efficacy of daptomycin in surgical infection of skin & skin structure as a principle investigator.

♦  A randomized study of linear staple line reinforcement (SEAL) in Sleeve Gastrectomy as a principle investigator.

♦ COSMID (Comparison of Surgery vs. Medicine for Indian Diabetes): A Prospective Randomized Control Trial of the Effectiveness and Safety of Gastric Bypass Surgery vs. Optimal Medical / Lifestyle Management of Type 2 Diabetes in India.

♦   A Multicenter, Double - Blind, Randomized Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Single - Dose IV Oritavancin versus IV Vancomycin for the Treatment of Patients with Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infection (SOLO I).

♦  A Phase II, Prospective, Randomized, Double blind, Within - Subject Control, Multi - Center Study to Determine the Safety and Efficacy of GRANEXIN GEL in Reducing Scar Formation in Surgical Incisional Wounds following Laparoscopic Surgery.

♦  A Single - center open - label study to assess vitamin B - 12 deficiencies in Indian obese patients undergoing Laparoscopic sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG) and evaluate response to various routes of Vitamin B - 12 supplementation.




♦  Prolene hernia System.

♦ Comparative study between Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass and Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band in Morbid Obesity.

♦  Study of association between OBESITY AND HUMAN GUT MICROBIOME.

♦ Comparative analysis of Electro Cautry and Harmonic Scalpel in Laparoscopic surgery.

♦ Study of mechanism of long - term weight loss after Sleeve Gastrectomy and its role in reversal of type 2 diabetes as an Investigator.

♦ Study on "Cefoperazone / sulbactam for treatment of intra - abdominal infections: results from a prospective, randomized, parallel group study in India" published in Journal of SURGICAL INFECTIONS in MASCOT TRIAL as principle investigator.


Video Presentations:

Lap Splenectomy for Trauma: Lapsurg 2002 Coimbatore.

World congress of Laparoscopic Surgery ELSA 2002 Tokyo, Japan.

Lap Splenectomy for Trauma SLS, Las Vegas, 2003.

Laparoscopic Management of Large Liver Cysts: World Congress of Lap. Surgery Hawaii 2004.

Live Demonstration ‘Laparoscopic Splenectomy’ and ‘Laparoscopic appendectomy for appendicular lump’ AMIS 2004, Pune.


Video Presentations at MASICON - 2005:

Laparoscopic Roux – en – Y Gastric bypass for morbid obesity.

New technique for Laparoscopic management of bleeding duodenal ulcer.

Thoracoscopic Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis, a new approach.

Laparoscopic Splenectomy for traumatically injured spleen. Is It feasible?

Laparoscopic management of Pheochromocytoma with acute gangrenous appendicitis a rare case report.

Large Non – Parasitic – Liver - Cysts (NPCL) a new Laparoscopic approach: intra - operative cystoscopy / cystojejunostomy to prevent postoperative bile leak.


Video Presentations at MASICON - 2007, Latur:

Lap. Gastric Band, Lap. Gastric Bypass.

Lap. Splenectomy for Isolated Spleen Injury.

PHS - 0ur experience, Thoracoscopic Pericardiactomy.


Video presentations at OSSICON  2005:

Laparoscopic Roux–en-Y Gastric bypass for Morbid Obesity.

Gastric banding for Obesity.


Video presentation at SAGES, Florida, USA - April 2005:

Total Thoracoscopic Thymectomy for Myasthenia gravis, which is accepted at the SAGES Video Library SAGES EARLS. Attended by 2000+ members all over the world.


Video presentation at MASICON - 2005:

Laparoscopic Splenectomy for traumatically injured spleen, is it feasible? Is it safe?

New technique for Laparoscopic management of bleeding duodenal ulcer.

Total Thoracoscopic Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis.

Laparoscopic Roux – en – Y Gastric bypass for Morbid Obesity.

Thoracoscopic Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis.

Live Demonstration: Lap. Gastric Banding: AMIS, Pune 2005: 1st International workshop on Obesity Surgery.

ASICON 2005, Dec 2005, Live demonstration of PHS repair of Hernia, Anti - Obesity Surgery in front of 5000 surgeons from all over India & SAARC group of Nations. Conducted a session on Bariatric Surgery.

Laparoscopic extra peritoneal hernia- repair, MIS – with - Prolene Hernia System (PHS), for ASI - Yavatmal chapter, 2005.

IFSO congress 2006, Sydney, Australia “Open VBG – conversion to Laparoscopic GBP. Tips and tricks”.

Live demonstration of ‘Prolene Hernia System Repair of inguinal hernia’ in Asia – Pacific Hernia Society (APHS) annual conference in Delhi, Oct 2006.

Amasicon 2007 - Hyderabad, Invited as a Faculty in Bariatric Training program, Lecture on ‘Sleeve Gastrectomy’. Live demonstration ‘Laparoscopic Anterior Resection’.

Asia Pacific Obesity Conclave (APOC) – Malaysia, 2007. Demonstrated Live - Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass.

‘Bariatric Surgery Indian Scenario’ at the ELSA - 2007, Hyderabad, India. Also demonstrated ‘Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy’.

‘Live Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass’ at the Asia Pacific Obesity Conclave (APOC), Malaysia, 2007.

Laparoscopic ‘Gastric Bypass’ & ‘Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy’ at Metasurg 2008 (Organizing Chairman of Metasurg 2008), India.

OSSICON 2008, in Kolkata, Live Demonstration of Bariatric surgery. Lecture on ‘Intra - Abdominal Sepsis in Bariatric surgery’.

Live demonstration of Adjustable gastric banding in AOCO 09, Mumbai.

Presented a paper ‘Self adjusting SAGB. Is it feasible?’ the IFSO conference at Porto, Portugal, September, 2007.

Faculty to the 1st International Laparoscopic Congress at Burik Merah, Perak, Malaysia, 2007.

Presentation done in AOCO 2008 as a faculty on ‘Role of support group’.


Organized Metasurg 2008 – a unique conference on: 

‘Surgical treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type II and Obesity’. And 1st - 3rd February 2008, Mumbai, India. Attended by more than 300 delegates from Asia.

Presented Indian data for metabolic surgery for type 2 diabetes in patients with low BMI IN the 1st world congress in New York on 15 - 16th Sept 2008.

1st banded sleeve gastrectomy using Fobi ring – was performed in presence of Dr. Mal Fobi April 2008.

Faculty in ACMOMS, Trivandrum, July 2008. a consensus meets for bariatric and metabolic surgery in Asian patients.

‘Asia Pacific Obesity Conclave’ - APOC 2008, Shanghai, China - Initial Indian Experience first 100 cases of SAGB.

1st World Congress on International Therapies for type 2 DM, presentation of 23 cases of metabolic surgeries.

World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders, 2008, Argentina.

Presented on ‘Surgical staged procedures to reduce risk’ - OSSICON, 2009.

Presented 5 research papers based on unit’s data in annual congress of American society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at 2009 in the plenary session in Dallas, USA.

 IFSO 2009: International Federation for Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Disease. Held in Paris in August 2009.

Performed a Single Incision Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery for the 1st time in India during METASURG 2009 - 2nd International Conference on Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.

Invited as a faculty in an annual international conference of Obesity Surgery Society of India on 7th March 2010 in Jaipur to talk on ‘Preoperative Preparation for Bariatric Surgery’.

Research papers published in the March 2010 issue of the index journal Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases (SOARD).

Invited faculty to present during European international expert meeting in Europe 2010.

Invited faculty for IFSO EC 2010. Topic of presentation is. Role of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in super obese patients’.

Invited as a course faculty in ASMBS 2010-Integrated health main session.


Organizing Secretary:

Bariatric Surgery Master Class (BSMC) in Poona Hospital in Jan 2013, live surgical bariatric surgeries. More than 150 delegates participated in the conference.

All India Association for Advanced Research in Obesity(AIAARO) in hotel four points Sheraton in Feb2013, more than 700 delegates were present.

ALSS (Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Simplified) in Poona Hospital, Pune on 19th Jan 2014, more than 150 delegates were present all over from India.

Organizing Secretory for First National Meeting of Maharashtra Chapter of AAIRO at Pune. Theme - ‘Obesity Beyond Size and Shape’ – August 2014.


Organizing Chairperson:

Obesity camp in Sholapur for general practitioners.

Invited Faculty in ASI, Aug, Chennai.

Conducted a General Surgery live workshop on 11th and 12th Mar 15 for post graduate students. 25 - 30 post graduates students attended the program. Case presentation was done.

Invited as operating faculty in Hernia World Congress Milar from 25th April - 29th April 15.

Conducted Obesity Awareness program on 15th April 15 for CGHS doctors.

Conducteda Obesity Awareness program in L H Hiranandani Hospital on Obesity update on 24th May 15 for all consultants in L. H. H.

Conducted Support group meeting for patients in Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai, on 18th March 17.


 For IFSO 2010 - Papers Selected and Presented:

A new approach for leak after sleeve Gastrectomy - a unique case report.

Cardiovascular risk reduction after Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy using Framingham score.

Surgical weight loss in the elderly: is it worth the risk?

Invited faculty in World congress of IASGO, Cairo, Egypt, Oct 2010.

Lecture in IMA, Mumbai, Oct 2010.

Role of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery in treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases.

Invited faculty for IFSO – APC & JSSO.

Papers presented at World congress for Interventional Therapies for T2DM.

Papers presented at ASMBS 2011: Innovations session: A novel operation of Plicated Gastric Band.

Invited faculty for lecture in Integrated Health, ASMBS 2011.

Invited faculty for lecture on Obesity surgery and laparoscopic ventral hernia, Ahmadabad, FIAGES course, Feb 2011.

Invited faculty for live demonstration of Bariatric surgery in FIAGES, Coimbatore / Ooty, Feb 2011.

Invited as faculty for lecture in Taiwan.

Invited as faculty in OSSICON 2013 in Bangalore for lecture in Banded Bypass 2013.

Invited Faculty for2013 IFSO Asia - Pacific Chapter Meeting | 10 - 13 April, 2013, E - Da World,  Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Invited Faculty for lecture in Selecting the right Bariatric Procedure and patient in Delhi.

Invited Faculty for 2013 FIAGES.

Invited Faculty in Master class in Bariatric surgery, Hyderabad.

Invited faculty in Amasicon, Indore in Aug 2013.

Invited faculty in IFSO, Istanbul Aug 2013.

Invited as Speaker in dental Association in Pimpri, Pune in Sep 2013.

Invited Faculty in Paris for EXPERT MEETING ON MINI GASTRIC BYPASS, Oct 2013.

Invited Faculty in Coimbatore on 8 - 10th Nov 2013.

Invited Faculty for ASMBS from 11 - 17th Nov 2013.

Invited Faculty for APHS, Hong Kong from 26th - 29th Nov 2013.

Invited Faculty for AIAARO, Kolkata from 21st to 22nd Dec 2013.

Invited Faculty for ASI, Ahmedabad from 25th to 29th Dec 2013.

Invited Faculty for OSSICON from 28th Jan to 31st Jan 2014.

Invited as a faculty in MASICON from 6th Feb to 8th Feb 2014.

Invited Faculty for IAGES 2014 Chennai Feb 2014.

Invited Speaker – IMA Shirdi in Feb 2014.

IMA Pune- Feb 2014 – Full day Workshop on Obesity for Clinical Practitioners.

CME on ‘Metabolic Syndrome” at Kohinoor Hospital Mumbai - March 2014.

Live Bariatric Surgery Demonstration at Orange City Hospital, Nagpur – March 2014.

International Experts Meeting 2014 at Austria: Speaker on ‘Adolescent Bariatric Surgery’.

CME on ‘Metabolic Surgery’ at Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai - April 2014.

Invited Faculty for Obesurg at Gangaram Hospital Delhi – April 2014.

Public Awareness Program and felicitation by IMA Baramati – April 2014.

Invited Speaker for International Conference – BOMS at London by NHS – April 2014.

CME at API, Pune – April 2014.

Lecture on Obesity at IMA, Jabalpur – June 2014.

Public Awareness Lecture and Camp – ‘Advanced Treatments for Hernia’ at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune – June 2014.

Invited Speaker for Conference on Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery at Hyderabad - July 2014.

Public Awareness Camp at Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune – July 2014.

Obesity Camp at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune.


IFSO 2014 at Montreal, Canada - Invited Expert Faculty:

International Consensus on Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery.

Presentation in Young IFSO Forum on ‘Nutritional Challenges – Post Bariatric Surgery’.

Invited Faculty for METASURG 2014.

Invited Speaker on ‘Pain Management after Surgery’ at Pune – Sep 2014.

Organizing Secretory for Full Day Hernia Workshop at Poona Hospital – Sep 2014.

Invited Guest Speaker on Mini Gastric Bypass at APBSS Meeting at Bali Indonesia – Oct 2014.

Conducted a Community Workshop on Nutrition in Pune – Oct 2014.

CME for Physicians and Endocrinologist at Mumbai – Oct 2014.

Invited Speaker at National Meeting of AAIRO at Jaipur – Oct 2014.

Invited Guest Faculty and Speaker at Obesity Update Expert Meeting at Apollo Hospital Delhi - Oct 2014.

As the COURSE DIRECTOR to conduct Invited Course on ‘Complications in Bariatric Surgery - Tips and Tricks to avoid and manage’ at Pre Congress Workshop at ASMBS 2014 Annual Meet at Boston, USA.

Live Surgical Demonstration of Open extra peritoneal Mesh Placement at Annual International Meeting of APHS at Jaipur - Nov 2014.

Invited Solo Faculty at 9th SAARC Surgical Society Meeting at Karachi, Pakistan – Nov 2014.

Obesity Camp at L .H. Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai on 3rd Dec 2014.

Invited faculty in GPCON on 13th and 14th Dec 14 on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome.

Lecture on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome on 21st Dec 14 in Dervan and Operated Obesity cases.

Invited Faculty in ASICON, Hyderabad from 26th - 28th Dec 14.

Invited Faculty in OSSICON, Mumbai from 23rd Jan – 25th Jan 15. Was declared as a new Member Secretary for OSSICON 2015.

Conducted a Obesity Awareness Program in Patrakar bhavan, Pune. 15 - 20 patrakars attended the program.

Invited Faculty in ASI (Association surgeons of India) Chennai.

Conducted a Support group meeting (EVOLVE 2015) for Patients on 31st May 15 with Fun, Fashion show and cultural program in Shivarkar hall, Wanoworie, Pune. 700 - 800 Patients attended the program.

Conducted Yoga session in L. H. Hiranandani Hospital on 20th Jun 2015 for Patients.

Conducted Support group meeting on 12th July 2015 in L. H. Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai.

Support group meeting for patients in Pune, Param yoga hall on 19th July. Had dance, Yoga sessions.

Conducted an Obesity Awareness program for Doctors in IMA Hall Parbhani and Patients. Almost 75 doctors attended the program and 100 patients.

Conducted an Obesity and metabolic syndrome program for practitioners on 1st Aug 2015 in Parbhani.

Conducted an Obesity and metabolic syndrome program for practitioners on 6th Sept 15 in Chembur, Mumbai. Around 100 practitioners attended the CME.

Conducted a Obesity Workshop on 31st Aug to 2nd Sept 2015. Trained surgeons on different procedures of Obesity. Operated 8 different cases of obesity, conducted by BAXTER.

Conducted a workshop on Obesity update on 18th Oct 15 in IMA hall Pune, for all general practitioners. 350 delegates were present and 9 - 10 speakers gave lectures on obesity and their treatment.

Conducted a CME for general practitioners on 25th Oct 15 in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. 150 practitioners attended the program on Obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Invited Faculty for ASMBS, California, Los Angeles from 2nd – 7th Nov 2015.

Invited faculty for Laporofit on 22nd Nov 2015 in Chennai.

Invited Speaker in Mega GPCON, Pune, 2015, on Obesity and Metabolic syndrome.

Conducted a public awareness program in Kolhapur on Obesity and its treatments on 7th Feb 2016.

Invited as a Faculty in OSSICON, Chandigarh from on 12th & 13th Feb 2016.

Conducted a Support group meeting (EVOLVE 2016) for Patients on 13th Mar. 16 with Fun, Fashion show and cultural program in KC college Auditorium, Church gate, Mumbai. 800 - 900 Patients attended the program. Program was inaugurated by Dr. D. Y. Patil, Former Governor of Tripura & Bihar, CEO of Hiranandani Hospital, Mr. Prafulla Mapari - Political Editor, times of India, Mumbai.

Conducted a Obesity Workshop on 16th and 17th mar 2016 in Poona Hospital. Trained surgeons on different procedures of General surgeries. 90 - 100 doctors attended the training session.

Conducted Support group meeting for patients on 10th Apr 2016 in L. H. Hiranandani Hospital, Powai, Mumbai.

Conducted Support group meeting for patients on 19th Jun 2016 in Apollo hospital, Pune.

Conducted Obesity Awareness program on 4th Sep 2016 In Surya Hospital, Mumbai. For patients.

Invited Faculty for 2016 IFSO Asia - Pacific Chapter Meeting | 27th – 30th Sep 2016 Rio, Brazil.

Invited Faculty for 2016 IDA meeting on 24th Sep 2016, Dandeli, Mumbai.Surya launch of Mumbai’s 1st Obesity center for adolescent and women inaugurated by honorable Amruta Fadnavis and Dr. Jayashree Todkar on 9th Oct 2016.

Invited faculty in MAPCON, Aurangabad, on 23rd Oct 2016. For all general practitioners.

Invited as a Faculty speaker at Pre Congress Workshop at ASMBS 2016 Annual Meet at Boston, USA. On 1st Nov – 4th Nov 2016.

State diabetes and obesity prevention task force" held on 22nd November 2016, at Arogya bhavan under chairmanship of honorable Commission of health and MD - NHM.

Invited Faculty as a speaker in AMASICON, Kolkata, 2016.

Invited faculty in GPCON on 27th Nov 2016 on Obesity and its side effects for general practitioners, around 700 - 800 practitioners attended the CME.

Invited as a faculty speaker at Mysore in ASI on 15th Dec 2016.

Invited as faculty as speaker Obesity update held at Lonavala from 17th - 18th Dec 2016. Around 80-90 practitioners attended the CME.

Invited as a chief guest in Golwilkar Vidhyalaya, Pune, on 16th Jan 2017, on ‘Obesity Awareness and Precaution’.

Invited as a faculty speaker, IAGES, at Hyderabad on 10th Feb 17.

Invited as a speaker in CME conducted for general practitioners, in Symbiosis college on 12th Feb 17 in Pune.

Invited as a faculty for 11th Annual conference of Maharashtra State Chapter of Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India organized by Association of Physicians, Nanded from 17 - 19th Feb 2017.

Obesity Task force meeting in Mumbai on 3rd March 17.

Invited as a chief guest on Occasion of Women’s day in Sinchan bhavan, Pune on 23 March 17.

Honored to host the 1st International conference on Diabesity - IFSO APC - 2017 and OSSICON 2017 in Goa, India from 21st to 23rd April 2017.

Invited as a speaker in B. J. Medical college in Pune, on 3rd and 4th Aug 17 for Medical students. Respirate 2017.

Conducted PG clinic from 4th and 5th Aug 2017 in Poona Hospital.

Invited as a faculty in the 22nd World Congress of IFSO 2017 in London, 29th August - 2nd September.

Invited as a speaker in 6th Annual ADE (Association of Diabetes Educators) conference in Mumbai from 23 - 24th Sept 2017.


♦  Honorable Surgeon at Seth Tara Chand Hospital (Charity Hospital) since 1995.

♦  Honorable Surgeon at Kamla Nehru Hospital (Charity Hospital) since 1998.

♦  Conducts Multiple Community Programs for Health Evaluation and Public Awareness.

♦  Conducts Free Public Forums for Education and Management of Obesity and related diseases and Nutrition.